In the region of Epirus, in the Municipality of Zitsa, there are plans to extract natural gas from the Energean company using the method of fracking.

The term hydraulic fracturing or fracking is referred to a contemporary mechanical engineering technique, via which the recovering of non- easily accessible gas and oil is made possible. The procedure consists in the drilling of shale rocks by injecting into them a high pressure mixture, made of water, sand and chemicals, which releases the desired “product” to the earth’s surface.

Part of the local community is against mining for the following reasons:

The area is seismic and the surveys are intensifying the seismicity in the area.

Exploration and drilling produce hazardous waste that may contaminate the water table.

The mining process has irreversible impacts on biodiversity and the natural landscape.

The health of people in areas adjacent to mining and oil industry facilities is burdened.

The project investigates the way in which the local community organizes itself in order to prevent the degradation of the area.

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