In Fear 
Into the same river we both step an do not step

Life is unpredictable and uncertainty is engulfing our entire world. Invisible threats and unpredictable events create imagined future situations in our minds and stressing our lives. Into the same river we both step and do not step project operates as potential narrative, an illustration of our deepest fears. It is an investigation, a fulfillment of a potential threat. Our life and daily routine is menaced by pandemics, nuclear wars and natural disasters. How life might be tomorrow?The threat of non-presence is stressing our life and creates great anxiety.

Our brain has been built for survival that is why is constantly updating the world and making judgements about what is safe and what is not. Hundreds of times a day our mind is making up all sorts  of untested stories and potential scenarios, assumes the worst, over-personalizes threats, jumps to conclusions and immerses our lives in uncertainty. 

The protagonist of Into the same river we both step and do not step is dazzled and confused, a lonely wanderer in uncanny scenery that depicts all our phobias and unconscious anxiety. The inhospitable and hostile environment holds the drifter of the new era. The protective uniform isolates him not only from his surroundings but also from his own existence. 

The project consists of still images and a video installation. The multi screen installation with the constant flow of information recreates a stressful situation similar to the one we experience in uncertain conditions. With this video we would like to raise questions regarding the functionality of news, where the audience stands, how it relates to the news?How reasons beyond our control putting our lives at stake?How do we experience changes in our daily routine?

The title of the project is an extract from Heraclitus quote, Into the same river we both step and we do not step, we are and we are not which refers to the constant change and flow of the universe and consequently of nature. Life is flux.

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