Lost Land
In Western Macedonia is located the largest Steam Electric Industry in Greece
that uses lignite as fuel.
The lignite mines of Kozani and Ptolemais provide lignite for power generation, which is the most important energy source for the Greek economy.
Public Power Corporation (PPC) operates in the area and for more than 50
years affects the life of more than 120,000 people.
PPC’s activity compulsory expropriates-for national reasons- farmlands and
villages, and not only intensely disturbs the traditional ways of employment in the region but causes serious environmental devastation and chronic diseases to the residents.
Lost Land documents the major sacrifice of local communities for power
generation and the untold environmental destruction in the name of development and power autonomy.
Brown coal (lignite) is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels and the most carbon intensive; when is burnt,it releases into the atmosphere carbon dioxide.
CO2 emissions affect Greenhouse effect and hasten Climate Change.

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